Right now, what you see is what exists of the Walk in Chicago project.

It needs funding to really grow; more precisely, about $2,500 for 2 seven days trips including travel, hotel, meals and other expenses. It would allow for about 14 walks to be scouted.

If you just gave and have been redirected here, it’s because I wanted to thank you personally, show you how the site will look like and the 5 photos you can choose to get one digital copy.

If you want a digital copy of a Walk in Boston or Walk in NYC ($3 each) and haven’t given me your email and your choice yet, my email is below.

If you still hesitate to help or if you just found this page, the button below is for you!

You’ll be the first one(s) to know when there’s something useful on the site, even if all the walks are not ready yet.

In the meantime, you can go and see or get back to the 2 other sites already done, Walk in Boston and Walk in NYC.

Have a good day,


Choose one photo and send me a note: [email protected]

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